Girls Inc x My Girl: An App for Single Fathers Raising Girls


My Girls is a App for single fathers raising young daughters. Being a single parent is difficult enough, but raising girls as a single father is a difficulty of another level. This inspired Girls Inc. to partner up with fathers and help them connect, organize and create a bond with their daughters, through a mentorship program and App. Girls Inc. developed informational research-based education programs that encourage girls to take risks and master physical, intellectual and emotional challenges, allowing their fathers to participate in the process.




Client Problem: Single fathers may live far from family, there isn’t anyone close they can trust with their kids, added stigma of being seen as “weak” or “not capable” 

Brand Problem: With so many other programs and ways to spend time for kids, GirlsInc. has been slowly loosing popularity since the 90’s.

Brand Opportunity: Reaching out and appealing to the new audience of single fathers.

Concept: No one could replace a mother, but with a trusted, expert female advice and guidance, any father can raise a brilliant, healthy, and happy daughter. (And GirlsInc is here to help.)

Execution: Create a paired mentoring experience: both digital and real life. Implement personal mentors for students and an app to help dad connect, share, ask, and track progress of his daughters.